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  • France Bioproduction Congress 5th Edition
    Date of publication : 03/06/2021

    RD-BIOTECH will be present at the France Bioproduction Congress 5th Edition - a #POLEPHARMA event.
    We will be happy to present our custom services & products, in particular our biomanufacturing...

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  • 9th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2021 (AIS2021)
    Date of publication : 03/06/2021

    Diaclone will be present at the fully virtualized 9th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2021 (AIS2021) jointly organized by the scientific society LabEx MAbImprove and the industrial organization...

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  • Now Available! Recombinant Human SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD Variant Lineage B.1.617, India (HEK)
    Date of publication : 19/05/2021
  • Meet RD-Biotech at BioDigital 2021 next month!
    Date of publication : 12/05/2021

    We will be attending the BIO Digital event, with the French Healthcare Delegation, and we will be on hand to discuss your upcoming projects and how we can help you in the future.
    We look forward to...

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  • Venez nous rejoindre!
    Date of publication : 30/04/2021

    Dans le cadre de son développement, RD-Biotech recrute un(e) technicien(ne) en biologie moléculaire.

    - Technicien(ne) Bioproduction Biologie Moléculaire


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  • Diaclone ELISpot assays, tried and trusted by researchers worldwide
    Date of publication : 01/04/2021

    Diaclone ELISpots (Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Assays) are highly specific immunoassays for the analysis of cytokine and other soluble molecule production and secretion from T-cells at a single cell...

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  • Come and join our team!
    Date of publication : 11/03/2021

    As part of the development of its new GMP plasmid production unit, RD-Biotech is recruiting two new profiles:

    - Technician in Molecular Biology Bioproduction

    - Quality Control Manager


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  • DIACLONE ELISpot Kits - A new format to meet your demands
    Date of publication : 25/02/2021
    The Diaclone ELISpot kit range is extended with a new 2 PLATE FORMAT Read more
    Date of publication : 25/02/2021
  • RD-Biotech lauréate de l’appel à projet France Relance !
    Date of publication : 15/02/2021

    RD-Biotech lauréate de l’appel à projet France Relance !



    RD-BIOTECH, voit son projet de construction d’une unité de production...

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  • Diaclone Monoclonal Antibody Platform
    Date of publication : 05/02/2021
  • Proud to have participated in the development of BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine
    Date of publication : 21/01/2021

    The entire RD-Biotech team is proud to have participated in the development of BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine and thank them for putting their trust in our...

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    Date of publication : 21/01/2021
  • New at Diaclone - SARS-CoV-2 ELISA set
    Date of publication : 24/11/2020

    Diaclone continues to innovate and provide you with new research tools.

    Build your own serological assay with our new SARS-CoV-2 ELISA set.
    Contact Diaclone for more information...

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    Date of publication : 15/10/2020
    Developed in our laboratories in France Read more
  • Covid-19 Toolbox of the mAbexperts group
    Date of publication : 05/08/2020
  • Anti-S1 Domain Spike Protein is now available at Diaclone
    Date of publication : 03/08/2020

    Ideal for your COVID-19 studies...

    The antibody Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 Protein CR3022 recognizes the S1 domain of the SARS-CoV Spike protein (aa318-510) as well as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)...

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  • IL1RAP, a therapeutic target for oncologic treatment
    Date of publication : 31/07/2020

    IL1-RAP, has been identified as a marker of interest in the context of CML treatments, activating NK cells and blocking tumour growth at the same time. Diaclone and Inserm teams  have been able...

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  • Do you know the real potential of AAV?
    Date of publication : 01/07/2020

    Revealing the full potential of Adeno Associated Virus thanks to molecular biology

    Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a small and single-strand DNA virus. In 1960, this non-enveloped entity was...

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  • What you need to know about Exosomes
    Date of publication : 01/07/2020

    “Huge opportunities”. “Many hurdles”. “Enormous potential”...

    It's just an excerpt of the several terms you'll come across if you search for them on...

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  • Complete Proteome of COVID-19
    Date of publication : 15/06/2020

    Are you familiar with all the proteins of SARS-CoV-2?

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    Are you working on any of these proteins?

    Which one would you like to see developed and validated?


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  • RD-Biotech supplier of murine monoclonal antibodies D1-25 and 1112-1, for the quantification of rabies virus by ELISA.
    Date of publication : 15/06/2020

    Signature of  license agreement with Institut Pasteur (France) and the Winstar Institute (USA). RD-Biotech becomes the supplier of the clones D1-25 and 1112-1 and now offers the antibody pair...

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  • Patients’ Immune Battle Against COVID-19
    Date of publication : 27/05/2020

    A brief review of the expected complications of CovId-19 infection.

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    Diaclone offers a specific range of Antibodies, ELISA and ELISpot kits for COVID-19 research that can...

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  • Fast track your Covid-19 Research with Diaclone’s CYTOKINES
    Date of publication : 26/05/2020

    Diaclone manufactures essential tools for Cytokine Storm monitoring & Immunotherapy...

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  • RD-Biotech : Here to help you in your Covid-19 related research projects
    Date of publication : 28/04/2020
  • Essential tools for COVID-19 and Immunotherapy research
    Date of publication : 03/04/2020
  • depistage
    RD-BIOTECH is proud to produce the monoclonal antibodies used in the IVD RAPID TEST COVID-19 Ag Respi-Strip developed by CorisBioConcept!
    Date of publication : 03/04/2020

    RD-BIOTECH, a major French actor in the production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, is proud to be a qualified Partner of the Belgian company  Coris BioConcept  regarding...

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  • Future
    The Future of Therapeutic Antibody Development
    Date of publication : 12/03/2020

    The mAbexperts team has developed strong expertise in molecular biology to help you generate new formats of monoclonal antibodies.

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    mAbexperts is a group...

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  • Antibody Humanization
    Date of publication : 05/03/2020

    Many articles about antibodies refer to the term “humanization”.  

    But what does humanization mean? What technical approaches are used to carry out such a process? What are the...

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  • Diaclone is a partner in a major European project involving a dozen partners from the Besançon region.
    Date of publication : 21/08/2018

    Le Projet MiMédi

    MIMEDI: MIcrotechnique pour les MEDicaments Innovants nouvelles solutions technologiques pour optimiser la fabrication de "cellules médicaments"

    Au sein...

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